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The McKesson Homecare Talk Blog is an informational resource for Home Health and Hospice providers of all sizes. Industry professionals share their views on the most relevant Home Health, Hospice, Telehealth and regulatory news items that impact your organization.

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About McKesson Homecare™

Help improve documentation accuracy, increase efficiency and facilitate collaboration with McKesson’s suite of home health, hospice and telehealth products.

Home Care Solutions by McKesson Include:

Clinical Management Systems

Our patent-pending CareAxis Technology™ uses industry best practices to help streamline the care planning process. Integrated homecare documentation and reporting capabilities help your agency achieve compliance and provide high quality care to your patients.

Agency Management Software

Streamline the management of your organization’s office, clinical and financial information in one, easy-to-use program. Our agency management home health software can help save your organization money by sending compliance reminders and helps shorten the front end of your billing and accounts receivable processes.

Consulting and Support Services

McKesson services don’t stop at the purchase of software. We provide support services, including implementation and operational services, to all of our software customers. We also offer support and consulting services to home health and hospice agencies, including personnel planning, regulatory counseling and IT selection support.

Hospice Software Solutions

McKesson Hospice™ is our all-in-one hospice software tailored to meet the administrative, clinical and financial needs of your hospice agency. Our management solution helps simplify care coordination, tracks patient statuses and collects cost information so that you can focus on client care.