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4 Years Later, Jimmo Case Settled Again

4 Years Later Jimmo Case Settled Again

When settlement was reached in the Glenna Jimmo case in 2012, it was touted as a new era for home health. The agreement with Medicare dismissed a standard that therapy had to result in improvement in mobility, setting up reimbursement … Continue Reading

Three Reasons Why Benchmarks Matter

Three Reasons Why Benchmarks Matter

Early on, we learn the futility of comparing ourselves to others—someone will always be stronger, smarter or have a nicer car. Ironically, it’s the opposite in business. Without knowing how comparable organizations are faring in our fast-changing industry, it’s hard … Continue Reading

Do You Know What Your Accounts Receivables Are?


Regulations are increasing for home health organizations, even as payers merge and make changes that greatly affect them. Given these facts, can maximum reimbursement be accomplished? The answer is yes, but it requires a concentrated effort on proper setup and … Continue Reading

Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Project Kicks Off

Pre-Claim Review Demonstration

The tension continues to build over the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Pre-Claim Review Demonstration of Home Health Services, set to begin in Illinois on August 1, 2016. One hundred-sixteen Members of Congress have signed a letter protesting … Continue Reading

Study Shows Home Health Value in CJR Demonstration

CJR Demo Shows Value of Home Health

New research demonstrates the value of home health to provide quality care at a lower cost than many alternative care settings for patients undergoing lower extremity joint replacement (LEJR). Home health organizations in the 67 geographic areas where the Medicare … Continue Reading