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Support helps ease transition to ICD-10

A female nurse submitting ICD-10 claims

Supporting our home health and hospice customers in their transition to ICD-10 codes started about three years ago. Naturally, our approach has involved product updates, but we also understood that the transition would require changes to business processes throughout the … Continue Reading

Focus Programs on Heaviest Users of Healthcare

Focus Programs on Heaviest Users of Healthcare

Research from the U.S. General Accountability Office shows that just 5% of Medicaid enrollees account for nearly one-half of expenditures for Medicaid-only patients. Identifying these patients and taking a proactive approach to help them manage their conditions and adhere to … Continue Reading

Moving the Conversation Forward: End-of-Life Care

Moving the Conversation Forward on End-of-Life Care

We all know instinctively that death is the natural end to every living being, but many adults aren’t taking steps to have critical end-of-life care discussions with loved ones and friends. Following up to a landmark report I wrote about … Continue Reading

Four Current Home Health Trends Advancing into 2015

4 Current Home Health Trends in 2015

You can call 2015 “home health’s greatest hits.” Compared to the nearly nonstop changes since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, this year will be one of refinement. Value-based purchasing is coming to home health, as is … Continue Reading

Benchmarks Help Agencies Understand Key Metrics

Benchmarks Help Agencies Understand Key Metrics

Regardless of whether your agency is seeking to grow revenue, control costs, find new referral partners or something else, benchmarking is a critical consideration, says David Berman from Simione Healthcare Consultants. But benchmarking should be a group effort with buy-in … Continue Reading