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Putting Down Roots: The Importance of Infrastructure

Importance of Software Infrastructure

It’s nowhere near springtime, but when talking about infrastructure, I can’t help thinking about gardening. With flowers, everything exciting happens above the ground. But as anyone with a garden (or flower pot) knows, the beauty of a flower or plant … Continue Reading

Make Home Care Safety a Priority on Each Visit

Home care safety check

Performing a home care safety check is part of every initial home care visit, but do your clinicians and aides make it a priority on each subsequent visit? I know that your field staff are juggling an ever-increasing amount of … Continue Reading

Medicaid Long-Term Care Dollars Tip Toward Home

Medicaid Long-Term Care Dollars Tip Toward Home

How does it feel to be a trend-setter? You may not realize it, but more Medicaid dollars allotted to long-term care are being spent on home- and community-based programs such as home health than are going to institutional services like … Continue Reading

Joint Replacement Model an Opportunity for Home Care

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

You can’t escape the fact that the Affordable Care Act and payment reforms continue to transform healthcare, for patients as well as providers. But I hope that you also haven’t escaped the realization that care and payment reforms present new … Continue Reading

Managing Mileage Is An Important Component in Agency Management

Managing Mileage Is An Important Component in Agency Management

Home care management definitely encompasses an organization’s leadership, those people who individually or collectively set the tone, the direction and the goals for the organization. But, as savvy leaders already know, home care management also includes the various tools needed … Continue Reading