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Many opportunities are emerging for hospice organizations to extend the reach of home-based services to more patients. In this hospice news section, clinical directors, administrators and financial executives explore the opportunities amid the business and regulatory challenges they face. Discover the latest industry trends and opportunities for hospice organizations, such as ICD-10 training, end-of-life care and more, in the posts below.

New Survey Shows Views on End-of-Life Care, Death Similar Across Countries

Man Holding Hand of Patient in Hospice Care

Despite geographical and demographic differences, attitudes about end-of-life care and death aren’t that different in the United States compared to Italy, Brazil and Japan, according to a new survey. But Americans are more attuned to the end-of-life wishes of loved … Continue Reading

Hospice Nurse Brings Comfort, Humanity to Patients

Hospice Nurse Brings Comfort, Humanity to Patients

One of the hallmarks of humanity is learning to turn a weakness into a strength. Beth Honey, admissions nurse at Caris Healthcare, a hospice provider in Knoxville, TN, can personally attest to that. “During my hospice rotation (in nursing school), … Continue Reading

CMS Guidelines from 2017 Hospice Wage Index Final Rule

CMS Guidelines from 2017 Hospice Wage Index Final Rule

Reading into a government-issued rule set might seem an odd activity, but the truth is, we can gain valuable knowledge about the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) plans for our industry by looking at the 2017 Hospice Wage … Continue Reading

Kanban: The Visual System That Improves Workflow


If our brains can process a picture 60,000 times faster than words, why aren’t we all using a visual system to organize our work? The answer is—we should be, and it’s called kanban. A visual system introduced into manufacturing by … Continue Reading

People Are the Most Important Part of IT Security


The recent distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that affected the operations of Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and others may not happen to your organization. But make no mistake: cyberthieves are after your organization’s data. You often hear about credit card … Continue Reading