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In today’s collaborative care environment, telehealth can position organizations to assist hospitals with helping to reduce readmissions, and help those with chronic conditions that require constant monitoring. In this telehealth news section, you can discover opportunities and trends for saving time and money for your patients and organization. View the posts below that range from telehealth solutions, coverage, codes and more.

Telehealth Gets Ready for Prime Time

Telehealth Gets Ready for Prime Time

Will 2016 be the year of telehealth? Although Medicare reimburses for only a handful of telehealth codes mainly in rural areas, other payers, providers and government entities are swiftly moving forward. Analysis from the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Partnership … Continue Reading

Explore New Service Opportunities

Managing from Strength Creates Engaged Workers

Standing still is not an option in the home care industry. Stop for a minute, and the competition and regulations are likely to pass you by. But creating new programs may help you not only catch up, but pass the … Continue Reading

Bi-Partisan Bill Would Expand Telehealth Coverage, Includes New Incentives

Bill Would Expand Telehealth Coverage

This fall, a bi-partisan group of US Representatives introduced the Telehealth Enhancement Act of 2013, and it was immediately supported by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). The bill has several provisions of interest to home health agencies, including coverage of … Continue Reading

Does Your Telehealth Program Need a Reboot?

Familiarity with anything can be both positive and negative. Think about the last hardware or software implementation your home care agency went through. Familiarity with the new solution likely lessened anxieties about its use – a positive. But perhaps users … Continue Reading

Home Health: Driving Care in the Right Direction

Late last year, The Commonwealth Fund published a study on health reform asking whether better care at lower cost is possible. As you might expect, the answer was a qualified “yes.” If everyone gets on the right road (government, private … Continue Reading