Managing Mileage Is An Important Component in Agency Management

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Amy Shellhart By Amy Shellhart 
Product Management Director, Change Healthcare
Managing Mileage Is An Important Component in Agency Management

Home care management definitely encompasses an organization’s leadership, those people who individually or collectively set the tone, the direction and the goals for the organization.

But, as savvy leaders already know, home care management also includes the various tools needed for clinicians, aides, therapists and back-office staff to do their jobs and be more productive. That’s why Change Healthcare Homecare and Change Healthcare Hospice have been specifically designed to address the clinical and agency management needs of both small and large home care organizations.

Every home care organization is being asked to do more with less these days. They are being asked to participate in value-based care models. Accept lower reimbursement when your costs keep rising. Juggle the sometimes contradictory demands of patients and staff. Find new sources of revenue.

For Change Healthcare, home care management is about making your organization more productive by reducing manual processes, optimizing efficiency and saving you money where possible.

Let’s look at Change Healthcare Homecare Mileage Advisor, for example. It’s fully integrated with our core home care and hospice products, which save time and hassle during installation. Agency workflows are smoother because mileage information flows to the visit details and is integrated with payroll, which helps your billing staff. Mileage is automatically calculated based on your organization’s policies and procedures, which reduces the chance for error. Clinicians and aides benefit from not having to remember to record mileage between visits or other stops.

Finally, the organization itself saves money by improving the accuracy of mileage expenses. It also frees up office staff for more important activities than manually entering and computing mileage.

At the end of the day, home care management is people and process. Both are important and both must work together as seamlessly as possible for organizations to find continued success in today’s healthcare environment.

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