Update Will Bring Order to Chaos of Supervisory Visits

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Amy Shellhart By Amy Shellhart 
Director of Product Management, Change Healthcare
Home Health and Hospice Software Supervisory Visit Scheduling

Are you looking for a little more wall space in your office? That white board or large calendar where you schedule home health or hospice supervisory visits will become redundant in the update of Change Healthcare Homecare and Change Healthcare Hospice.

Performing and tracking required supervisory visits has long been a challenge of many home care organizations. Regulations for home health (G229) and hospice (418.76(h)) both require supervisory visits every two weeks. But in annual lists of the most-common organization deficiencies from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, supervisory visits always show up.

A supervisory visit can get lost in the shuffle as appropriate team members visit patients in their homes. On the home health side, when physical or occupational therapy (PT or OT) is ordered in conjunction with an aide, the PT or OT can supervise the aide. But when skilled nursing becomes involved, an RN or supervisor on the nursing side must conduct the supervisory visit. In cases where PT or OT is not working, the patient may require more specialized care from the nursing staff, triggering a change in supervisors that must be noted and remembered.

Hospices face similar challenges. In the initial days of an episode, many members of the interdisciplinary care team are visiting the patient. While dealing with a patient’s day-to-day needs, the every-two-week check-in can get lost in the shuffle. That’s why so many administrators have large white boards or calendars in their offices, to keep the various visits straight.

Our home health and hospice software update with enhanced reminder systems and a hierarchy of supervisors will help ensure that visits take place as scheduled with the appropriate supervisor.

Any descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a commitment to provide specific functionality.  Timing and availability remain at Change Healthcare’s discretion and are subject to change and applicable regulatory approvals.

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