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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)

Home Health Software Clinical ManagementTechnology has totally transformed our lives over the past two decades. Think back to 1993. Did you own a cell phone? Probably not. Did you have Internet access? Likely not that either.

But can you imagine life now without the ease of communication enabled by cell phones and the Internet? For the most part, the use of evidence-based practice in the home health and hospice industry remains in its early stages, but I believe its adoption will be swift once content and technology come together.

Any home health software you adopt with clinical management functionality should accomplish four goals:

  1. It must incorporate evidence-based practice (EBP) into a clinician’s natural workflow.
  2. It must be available at the bedside.
  3. It must be compatible with the portable computing devices your agency uses.
  4. It must integrate with the billing function.

Think about the homecare documentation processes that your clinicians currently complete offline or how they duplicate the same information among various required forms. Imagine how much more efficient your clinicians could be if they could enter information once and have the data flow to the appropriate places on other forms.

The same is true with charting and EBP. Patient care could improve if clinicians charted at the bedside, instead of scribbling notes for later input. It also could improve if clinicians accessed best-practice information while still in the patient’s home.

Finally, clinical efficiency should translate into billing/reimbursement efficiency. New care models require new accounting procedures for reimbursement. The information clinicians input should flow seamlessly into the business office.

The evolution of healthcare shows no signs of slowing down. The technology your clinicians, your managers and your back-office staff use should keep pace.

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