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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)

5 Benefits of Home Health Document ManagementDespite the movement of documentation, charting, patient records and more to electronic forms, how many paper documents do you generate at your home health agency? And more important, how many FTEs at your agency are dedicated to filing, retrieving, copying and transmitting all of that paper?

“A document management tool should make your life easier,” says Chris Collins, sales executive at WorldView Ltd., the McKesson Homecare™ solution’s vertical partner for document management. “You want to have one document in one place at one time where everyone can get to it. You also want to keep it electronic through the whole process, with the proper permissions to maintain control over all documents.” A single repository will eliminate multiple documents and help with regulatory compliance, says Collins, who spoke during the recent McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice National Users’ Conference.

Uses for document management include medical records, HR, accounts payable and contract administration, Collins says.

A home health document management system can bring these five benefits to your home health or hospice agency:

  • Secure, central repository for critical documents
  • On-demand user access to documents
  • Controlled and improved document distribution
  • Fax server integrations to keep electronic faxes electronic
  • Help reduce operating costs

While a document management system provides ready access to authorized users, Collins stresses that there is no one proper way to configure such a system.

Questions you need to answer include whether documentation will be stored electronically in a single location or in multiple locations for agencies with branch offices, how documents will be shared, and which job functions will have access to specific document types. Collins advises tackling any implementation in phases to reduce stress on the agency. He also says that paper documents still arriving at the agency should be scanned as close to the source as possible.

“You need to configure any system to meet the needs of your business – not adapt how you do business to the system,” Collins says.

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