Integration to Horizon Homecare Can Strengthen Your Telehealth Program

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By Dustin Bobbitt, 
Telehealth Implementation Consultant, McKesson

McKesson Telehealth Advisor Integration

When a Horizon Homecare customer implements the McKesson Telehealth Advisor (MTA) solution, Horizon Homecare is integrated with the Health Buddy Desktop. This integration allows patient demographic information to pass to the Health Buddy Desktop, eliminating duplication of work and potential errors. The Health Buddy Desktop then sends the completed patient sessions, with observations and notes entered, back to Horizon Homecare.

Most agencies know this but do not use it to their advantage. Incorporating the use of Horizon Homecare into your MTA program helps to strengthen your telehealth program. It allows visibility into how a patient is doing on a daily basis without having to make a physical visit. It also gives visiting nurses and case managers information on the areas where the patient might be struggling—such as their behaviors, habits, or even knowledge of their own disease—and gives these nurses talking points to address with the patient.

When a patient makes reference to something that happened in a daily telehealth session, a nurse can check the patient’s records in Horizon Homecare and see the specific session referenced and talk about it with the patient. Most agencies have one person who handles telehealth monitoring and another who serves as the patient’s case manager. If it does not look like they review the same data, the patient may lose confidence in the care received.

Integration allows observations to appear both to the telehealth clinician and visiting nurse, painting a fuller picture of the ebb and flow of a patient’s vital signs. This information allows for quicker decision-making and reaction should a patient’s care or medication need to be changed.

Another huge benefit is the fact that telehealth data can be transferred to a laptop. The integration allows nurses on the go to keep up with a telehealth patient’s session data. Access to this information strengthens a nurse’s ability to address pressing issues with the patient because she  knows exactly where the patient is struggling.

Patient monitoring by a telehealth nurse, active discussion around patients’ telehealth sessions and other interactions with a case manager help improve the level of care your patients receive. This synergy will, in turn, improve your outcomes and help to improve the reputation of your telehealth program.

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