MobileCare Helps Agency Improve Processes, Staff Satisfaction

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson

MobileCare for Home Health AgenciesA home health or hospice agency is only as good as its processes. Undoubtedly, your staff plays a vital role in patient care, but they must be backed up by processes and technology to help facilitate that quality care.

Helping support the needs of staff is one of the reasons Methodist Home Health & Hospice became one of the first agencies to adopt McKesson Homecare MobileCareTM, which brings patient information, point-to-point directions, care plans and more to supported mobile devices.

“We used this as an opportunity to springboard to new technology,” explains Jan Steck, business manager for the Peoria, Ill.-based agency.

The lack of environmental information for field staff was a concern that a mobile option could address. Additionally, state surveyors noted a lack of clinical-driven care plans and care details being pushed out to clinicians and aides.

Cindy Woodall, application specialist, brought together a team of CNAs, nurses, management and IT staff to outline care plan changes, define environmental concerns and provide education for nurses and aides. That education was customized to focus on the particular needs of each group. The agency passed out mobile devices four months before the go-live data so users could familiarize themselves with the devices.

Steck says the overall implementation has been positive. Mileage expenses have declined, while staff satisfaction has increased, Steck says. Clinicians and aides now can access environmental and DNR information, notes, schedules and schedule changes without the need for paper copies. The office staff no longer has to make calls to change schedules, which increases efficiency.

Steck says the transition to McKesson Homecare MobileCare has been worth the effort. “We felt this was best for patients and best for staff,” Steck says.

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