Software Should Make Your Job Easier, Not Harder!

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson

Home Health Software Should Make Your Job EasiesrEvaluating software by how easy it is to learn and use may be your safest bet.

Software often brings with it a certain rigidity and counter-intuitiveness. Instead of adapting to users’ needs, users often have to change how they have been doing their jobs to adapt to the software. That’s not the way software should work.

Truly useful clinical and agency management software should work with your clinicians and back-office staff, anticipate their needs and either ask for the right inputs at the right times or offer suggestions when that is appropriate.

Take the clinical documentation process. How many patient encounters does the clinician need to perform and document each day? How many of these include the burdensome OASIS dataset or other prescriptive documents? Add to that the care planning responsibilities, physician orders, team communications and more.

A clinical management solution that includes clinical decision support technology should help guide clinicians through their day and all of the various documentation requirements that go along with it. The solution should present information to the clinician in a single interface that lets her know where she is in the process and what tasks still need to be completed without burdening her with unnecessary steps.

Home health software should “intelligently” use the assessment and care planning documentation to support the additional downstream documentation needed, including physician orders. It also should support the clinician’s communication to team members, such as the quality and audit staff.

Keep these points in mind when evaluating home health software for your agency. Your clinicians will thank you, and you’ll discover that clinical benefits will impact the operational side, too.

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