Speed Custom Form Creation with Clinical Forms Express

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By Jennifer Van Winkle 
Clinical Product Manager, Change Healthcare
Speed Custom Form Creation

While healthcare regulations and arrangements among providers have been changing rapidly, the documentation required to comply with regulatory and contractual obligations hasn’t kept pace. But home care organizations often can’t wait for the right form to become available. They need a quick and easy way to create their own compliant forms.

Gone are the days when it’s acceptable to wait for months to produce a new acknowledgement or assessment set that serves a specific patient population or captures that the skilled care has been provided as it is required by a value-based contract or regulatory body. In addition, the ability to capture data for aggregation and analysis from these tools is vital.

The new Clinical Forms Express for McKesson Homecare™ Clinical Explorer™ v1.0 tablet release can help organizations quickly create forms specifically for tablet computers and capture data in discreet fields for analysis. (Editor’s note: McKesson Technology Solutions is now Change Healthcare.)

Adapts to changing needs

A web-based tool, Clinical Forms Express offers our customers the ability to build signature forms from compliant core consent and acknowledgement content, as well as to create custom and organization-specific content. The new Clinical Forms Express includes question-and-answer types that allow data capture on signature forms.

The new tool is hosted, which allows the core content to be updated with new content to the library of forms, questions and text elements. This approach enables us to be more responsive to our customers with enhancements and regulatory changes.

Here’s how it works

The Clinical Forms Express application helps make building agency-specific forms quicker and more intuitive. Users build “from the ground up” by selecting from the library of Change Healthcare’s standard content or creating new questions/text elements. Next, the user creates and names the form, adding questions by dragging and dropping them onto the form and into position. Once the questions/text elements are on the form, the user may select the settings for each question. These settings allow the user to employ form-specific defaulted answers, set whether a question should be required, and identify triggers that hide questions when certain answers are selected.

It’s important to provide a user-friendly method to create compliant and, if needed, custom electronic forms for the tablet. With Clinical Forms Express, home care organizations have the opportunity to build and deploy forms quickly and more effectively.

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