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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, McKesson

Pieces Fit for LTPACsWith so many issues that healthcare organizations need to be concerned about these days, it often seems like a big jumble. But just like a jigsaw puzzle you dump onto your coffee table, once you’ve found the corners and edges, you begin to see a framework, and the pieces start to come together.

That’s the idea behind our latest white paper, “How long-term and post-acute care organizations can position themselves to achieve success.” The paper outlines the four things all long-term and post-acute care organizations (LTPACs) need to do as our industry transitions into evidence-based practices and new care models:

  • Maximize technology value
  • Optimize performance and quality
  • Coordinate evidence-based care
  • Navigate evolving payment models

The paper looks at how technology can help LTPACs with each of these initiatives. For example, smaller hardware footprints, core system rationalization and integrated systems can help any healthcare organization maximize its technology value.

Similarly, IT can help automate day-to-day tasks, improve the revenue cycle, reduce time spent documenting care and streamline the transmission of care data from field devices to core systems. That leads directly to optimized performance and improved quality.

When it comes to evidence-based care, the right technology can facilitate a connected, patient-centered ecosystem in which hospitals, physicians, LTPACs and even patients can interact quickly and easily.

Finally, technology is essential to meet today’s financial challenges, including current reimbursement and collections challenges and preparing for complex new payment models.

The good news is that with the right framework, it’s easier to see where all the pieces belong and how they fit together. That’s the idea behind our Better Health 2020TM initiative, designed to help you use healthcare IT more strategically—for better business, better care and better connectivity.

To read “How long-term and post-acute care organizations can position themselves to achieve success,” please click here.

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