Challenges Abound, But Learning from Others Can Help

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)
Challenges Abound, But Learning from Others Can Help

I’m always energized after returning from the McKesson Homecare & Hospice National Users’ Conference, which draws executives and managers from hundreds of agencies across the country. In addition to the two-day conference, several dozen participants came in early to participate in McKesson Home Health & Hospice Executive Summit, the Clinical Management Boot Camp or to learn the basics of the Omaha System care documentation tool.

During the keynote address, Randy Hyun, general manager, discussed how McKesson can help customers address tough challenges such as care coordination, regulatory changes, new payment models, declining reimbursement and increased scrutiny through audits.

Through health IT and services, McKesson is responding by enabling agencies to document, plan, deliver and gauge patient care. “Everything we do must help your agency be smarter, faster and more productive,” said Randy. “The clinical management functionality in McKesson Homecare™ transforms your view of data on your patients, your clinicians and your business. The functionality can help you understand agency and clinical information in new ways so you can make decisions that lead to better outcomes.”

There’s a reason why the conference theme was “Turning challenges into opportunities,” and many of the 40-plus sessions addressed that core topic. We always bring nearly 100 McKesson team members who lead and facilitate sessions, help in the booths and assist with this great conference. But we are particularly pleased when our users share their knowledge with peer agencies.

Here are some of the session highlights, which you will learn more about in the coming months in this blog:

  • Diane Link, RN, MHA, formerly with Carroll Home Care and Carroll Hospice in Maryland, detailed how the agency used a mileage tracking software, McKesson Homecare™ Mileage Advisor, to help reduce costs and increase staff retention.
  • Stacy Mathers, RN, COS-C, and Kati Podnar, RN, COS-C, Concordia Visiting Nurses Association in Pennsylvania, explained how the clinical management functionality will help the agency reduce training costs, reduce costs related to OASIS review, support the workflow process, and enhance care delivery through scheduling integration.
  • Shallina Bowers and Wes McGuirk from Oxford HealthCare in Missouri talked about how to adapt scheduling to non‐order driven, private duty clients, how scheduling can impact service quality and how improved scheduling can be used as a marketing tool.

As an industry, we all are facing challenges. But our National Users’ Conference is an annual reminder to our customers that they don’t have to face those challenges alone.

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