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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)


Achieving True Clinical Management within Home Health Agenciesv2We believe strongly at McKesson that clinical management functionality within home health software, with its ability to help clinicians focus more fully on patients, represents the future of home health. Along with my colleagues Raymond Belles and Lori Shifferd, I’ve written extensively on the topic over the past few months.

Clinical management means providing clinicians with the tools for evidence-based and best-practice guidance on individual patients, in order to support better outcomes and greater efficiency during the audit process. The clinical management functionality we’ve introduced in McKesson Homecare™ is the basis for our latest e-book, Achieving True Clinical Management within Home Health Agencies.

The e-book brings together information from more than a dozen McKesson Homecare Talk blogs, grouping them into three broad categories: people, process and technology.

  • The People section explains how to manage change effectively within your organization as your agency plans the transition to a new system. Communication is critical at each step along the way. In this section you will find tips on how to create transition teams, communicate a change plan, establish baseline measures, reinforce new procedures and get feedback from your team.
  • Process discusses the changes an agency needs to make to get the most out of clinical management automation. Topics include evidence-based practices, how to overcome barriers, the importance of clinical management to the revenue cycle, how to prepare for change, and the importance of testing and training.
  • Technology addresses how automating clinical management can move care decisions to the bedside. You will learn how clinical management requires the right technology, how that technology can facilitate the right care at the right time, how to reduce medication errors, the relationship between clinical management and evidence-based practice, and how automation can impact the QA process.

Our goal with McKesson Homecare Talk is to give you timely, relevant information that you can use in your homecare or hospice agency today. It is my hope that Achieving True Clinical Management within Home Health Agencies will do just that.

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