Finding Personal, Professional Balance No Easy Task

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By Mary A. Molloy 
President, TRB Consulting Group

Home Health Agency Staff BalanceIn many ways, we are all tightrope walkers—balancing the demands of our professional and personal lives. But unlike those professionals whose very lives depend on maintaining balance, the rest of us struggle with this issue.

As a home health agency executive, you owe it to your staff to help them find balance in their professional and personal lives, since the cost to replace a nurse can top $50,000. Keeping employees engaged in their jobs not only increases efficiency and patient satisfaction, it also results in more satisfied workers.

Here’s a method to help you and your staff determine how to  balance your  life professionally. Draw a circle divided into four quadrants labeled north, south, east and west. Then draw a scale that starts at zero in the center of the circle, moving in one-point increments to 10 at the edge of each quadrant. The scale is like the common pain assessment chart, where zero is no pain and 10 is unbearable pain.

  • North represents one’s professional knowledge, including training, attainment of CEUs and other factors
  • South is direct and indirect patient care
  • West represents one’s competence with technology and documentation
  • East is the dynamics of the organization

Rate yourself from 0-10 in each of the four areas to identify your level of pain, then total up the score and divide by four to obtain an aggregate score. The higher the score, the more out of balance you are in your professional life.

The same method can be used to chart your personal life balance. Draw another circle in the same configuration as the first, and label the quadrants this way:

  • North, intellectual pursuits and how clear or fuzzy your thinking is
  • South, health and wealth. You can either come up with a score for each or average the two and round up
  • West, emotion and feelings
  • East, spiritual and relationship to God or the universe. This isn’t a Christian thing, but rather a spiritual determinant

As before, give yourself a 0-10 rating in each quadrant and average the scores. The higher the rating, the more out of balance you are.

If you have a low score, congratulations for juggling the professional and personal demands that threaten to topple us all. If you’re score is higher, you need to work at finding that balance. The idea of determining each person’s professional and personal balance are the subjects of my new book, “Design Your Own Destiny—Life Planning for the 21st Century,” which will be in bookstores in May. Depending on where your score is highest on the professional side, you may need job training or work on interpersonal relations. On the personal side, you could need assistance with organization or a new hobby or intellectual pursuit.

But you must realize that the balance you have (or don’t have) in your personal and professional lives affects how you deal with others and how you run your business. Your employees are juggling these same things, and their actions can impact your business.

You should pay close attention to the tone you set for your employees.

Mary Molloy is president of TRB Consulting Group and has 35 years of experience in sales, marketing and business management, professional training and coaching. She is the author of several books, including the forthcoming, “Design Your Own Destiny—Life Planning for the 21st Century.” She can be reached at or 603-236-4067.

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