Four Steps to Better Health 2020

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Randy Hyun By Randy Hyun 
General Manager, Extended Care Solutions Group, McKesson

4 Steps to Better Health Home Health AgenciesIn my last post, I outlined some of the issues McKesson believes we can count on being true in 2020:

  1. Care will be right-sized
  2. Patients will expect more transparency in their care
  3. Patient data will flow across the entire health system
  4. Data and analytics will be at the forefront of healthcare

If you as home health providers accept these as truths for the future, the question becomes: What should you be doing in the short term and long term to prepare? You don’t want to be the home health organization that watches to see what happens. By the time everything is clear, it will be too late to take full advantage.

At McKesson, we’re focusing our efforts and investments on four pillars that we think will get us to Better Health 2020:

  1. Optimize performance and quality
  2. Coordinate care
  3. Navigate evolving payment models
  4. Maximize technology value

The first pillar is simply about helping you be better at what you do. In many cases, being better means having more data at your fingertips, and that data must be very high quality.  The second pillar is now an overused phrase, but it’s still important. For us, it involves helping you work well with other providers and other healthcare stakeholders, as well as promoting patient engagement.

The third pillar involves things like value-based reimbursement and bundled payments. One of the keys to navigating these models successfully is understanding it’s not just about how to split up payments equitably—it’s about figuring out whether or not a particular contract is going to be profitable for you. You don’t want to enter into a program and end up losing your shirt.

The final pillar is helping you get the most value out of your investment and partnership with your technology purchases, including McKesson. Regardless of whether you use McKesson home health software products across your organization or only in certain departments, you’re trusting us with your systems, and we are deeply committed to making sure your investments return the maximum ROI.

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