Getting Handle on Quality Data Will Propel Growth

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)

Home Health Agency Growth StrategyThe effective collection and aggregation of data and the ability to share it with partners will bring success for home health agencies, say members of McKesson’s Home Care Advisory Council.

During a recent meeting, a dozen advisory council members, who represent the diversity of McKesson’s home health and hospice customers, ranked and discussed key issues facing the industry. The top three issues identified—the ability to respond to changing reimbursement methodologies, providing quality outcomes reporting, and ensuring data integrity while communicating with other healthcare providers—point the way to growth strategies for home health and hospice agencies:

  • Changing reimbursement methodologies: Accountable care, bundled payments and other care reforms require analysis of cost and profit margins per episode of care. To create an informed and actionable culture, organizations need to create an information infrastructure to support evolving payment models and risk arrangements backed by analytics that support operational, population and network insights.
  • Quality outcomes reporting: Clinical outcomes, quality reporting data and other measures must be readily accessible in agency information systems for detailed analysis. Members recommend using benchmarking to compare themselves in order to identify potential operational weaknesses.
  • Data integrity for true interoperability: Hospitals, physician groups, home health agencies and other providers produce mountains of data on each patient, but that data often isn’t shared. Promoting interoperability among key partners and putting systems in place to capture data consistently will position agencies for future growth.

As successful organizations move toward greater clinical and financial risk, they will need to develop an information infrastructure that provides actionable data accessible across all care settings. Home health software supports clinical information gathering in order to help agencies improve care and manage their businesses efficiently.


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