McKesson Survey Offers Insight into Issues Facing Home Care Execs

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)
McKesson Survey Offers Insight into Issues Facing Home Care Execs

What keeps you up at night?

Even the most successful home care agencies face enormous challenges – everything from implementation of the Affordable Care Act and declining reimbursements to creating new service lines that let them participate more fully in emerging care models.

Taking the pulse of the industry and learning about the home care challenges and opportunities our customers face is the reason McKesson conducted the Agency Opportunities and Challenges Executive Survey this spring.

You won’t be surprised to find that three quarters of respondents indicated that lower reimbursement was a top challenge, eclipsing cost containment (53%), audits (33%) and staff retention and recruitment efforts (32%).

And if you’re like 94% of agencies, you still rely on faxing to share patient information with care partners. However, 85% of respondents rank electronic data interchange as a top priority over the next year.

The majority of responses to the dozen-plus questions did not differ significantly based on census or whether the agency was free-standing or hospital-affiliated. But the white paper does make those distinctions where they did appear.

Because of the competitive nature of the industry, executives often don’t have the counsel of their peers to commiserate, to compare notes and to test new ideas. Home care is so different from other aspects of healthcare that even executives at agencies associated with a healthcare system can have difficulty finding an adequate sounding board for new ideas.

The Agency Opportunities and Challenges Executive Survey provides valuable insight into our industry. I hope it confirms much of what you know and gives you more than a few ideas that you can put to immediate use.

And who knows? A particular answer or insight may help you sleep a little better.

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