Technology Can Help Clinicians Stay on Top of Their Game

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)

Clinical Management SystemDeclines in reimbursement and the emergence of new care models have put a strain on many home care agencies as they seek to do more for less. But these challenges actually represent opportunity for agencies that want to prosper in the future.

A recent report from the Advisory Board, “Achieving Top-of-License Nursing Practice: Best Practices for Elevating the Impact of the Frontline Nurse,” hits on many of the key points that I’ve been making for the last couple of years concerning the importance of evidence-based practices and clinical decision support.

The report defines top-of-license by eight core nursing responsibilities:

  • Assess clinical and psychosocial patient needs
  • Establish patient goals and track progress
  • Provide patient-centered, outcomes-focused care
  • Educate and engage patients and their families
  • Manage key components of the clinical record
  • Coordinate care with interprofessional caregivers
  • Facilitate safe patient transitions to the next care setting
  • Assess and incorporate new technologies and evidence-based practice

The study also addresses two potential barriers to helping nurses practice at the top of their licenses: avoidable time sinks and barriers put up by physicians and other peer care professionals. A comprehensive home care documentation and care management system can help clinicians become more efficient and provide the clinical decision support they need.

The clinical management functionality of McKesson Homecare™ eases the cumbersome documentation process to help clinicians focus more on patient care and less on ticking the right box on a certain form. It also provides clinical-decision support tools at the bedside. Achieving true clinical management doesn’t have to cost more. Often, it can be a matter of creating efficiencies, which many of these core responsibilities address.

Are your nurses working at the top of their licenses? And if not, how can you help them (and your agency) become more efficient?

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