Three Ways to Get Noticed in Your Market

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)

Home Health Agency MarketingMake no doubt about it – we are in a relationship business. However, many people confuse relationships or partnerships with friendships. They are not the same.

There should be some formality in a relationship, with expectations on both sides. In the homecare space, that means your home health agency should have performance measures at hand to share with partners or potential partners. At the same time, you should know what to expect from your partners, including how to get out of a relationship if it’s not working for your agency.

In order to increase the number of relationships you have with potential partners, you need to get their attention. In my view, there are three ways to get noticed in your market:

  • “Shoot some bullets”
  • Get engaged in your community, state and regions
  • Build brand recognition

What I mean by “shoot some bullets” is for you actively to explore new partnerships and new care offerings. Is your local hospital concerned about care transitions? What about medication reconciliation or the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions to prevent hospital admissions and readmissions? Every state now has an ACO, and there’s likely some type of alternative care model being explored or activated in your community. You have a crucial part to play.

The second point is fairly straightforward. Various local, regional, state and interstate community entities are trying to tackle community healthcare challenges. Are you aware of the groups active in your area, and, more important, are you involved in them? Home health brings value to the community, but you must be at the table to be considered.

Finally, you must understand the importance of brand recognition. Your agency should have a mission, a vision and organizational goals that every member of your agency understands and can articulate. And you must have effective branding. Do you have a company logo? Do you use it consistently? Do you have a presence on the web? Increase brand awareness by doing such things as sponsoring the local health fair or other community events.

I know that you didn’t get into the home health business to become a marketer. Unfortunately, you can be taking extraordinary care of your patients, but if the wider world doesn’t know about your agency, your opportunities for growth will be limited.

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