Track referral sources, maintain compliance

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Former Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, McKesson (Retired)
Track referral sources, maintain compliance

Who are your customers? That may sound like an obvious question, but think about it for a minute. Are your customers the patients your organization serves day in and day out? Or are they the physicians, health systems and care collaboration partnerships that refer your agency to patients?

Although you likely considered both groups, it would be interesting to know which audience you thought about first. The fact is that both groups are critical to the continued success of your organization. Since patients ultimately choose the provider, you should be proactively raising awareness about organization, the services you offer and the quality of care that you provide in your community.

You also must know the top referral sources in your area. But it’s just as important that they know about you so your agency appears on referral lists. At a time when federal payers are closely monitoring claims to uncover instances of fraud, waste and abuse, you need a compliant method to build and manage referral sources.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is one of the reasons we offer PlayMaker CRM for McKesson Homecare™ and McKesson Hospice™. The secure, web-based customer relationship management solution is designed specifically for home health, private duty and hospice organizations. Tracking activities helps sales professionals and managers increase productivity, grow and strengthen customer relationships and manage compliance. PlayMaker CRM connects seamlessly with McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice, so information entered about marketers, referrals and accounts in either product flows to PlayMaker CRM.

Knowing where your referrals come from helps the sales or marketing team understand where to concentrate their efforts. It also provides key data to help you better manage your organization and properly allocate resources for the betterment of your patients – and your organization.

Learn how to quantify the value of your referral sources in the blog post “Not All Home Health Referrals Are Created Equal.”

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