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Home health and hospice organizations are facing mounting pressure to stay current and compliant with the ever changing demands and increasing complexity of the U.S. regulatory environment.

Our home care regulatory news section aims to provide informational and educational articles that will help your organization keep pace and prepare for regulatory changes, as well as find opportunities for enhancing patient care and streamlining operational processes.

From value-based purchasing to new Medicare programs to ICD-10 training, our home care regulatory news posts feature expert perspectives, as well as best practices, tips and advice for helping your organization meet compliance requirements and thrive in the changing healthcare world.

Explore the posts below to find the recent home care regulatory news. If you have something to add to the conversation, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of any post.

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Value Based Care Regulations

The healthcare industry’s regulatory environment is arguably the most stringent and complex system in the U.S., with nearly every aspect being overseen by one or more regulatory body. In addition, the shift to value-based care models is changing how care is delivered, measured and valued, requiring organizations to work even harder to comply with new regulations.

In this section, you’ll discover the current news on the evolution of value-based care models, programs and regulations, as well as helpful tips for embracing the shift from volume to value.

Home Health Documentation

In today’s healthcare world, complete, accurate and accessible documentation of clinical patient records not only helps affirm you’re delivering the highest-quality patient care, but it’s also critical for protecting your organization from legal issues and filing for reimbursement.

Here you’ll find the latest news on home health documentation requirements, as well as interesting tips and best practices for improving your current processes and strategies.

Hospice Documentation

The mission of hospice organizations is to provide quality care, compassion and support for their patients and families. Maintaining the highest standards in hospice documentation furthers this mission by verifying that patients have or will receive the care they need.

In this section, you’ll find the latest details on hospice documentation requirements and best practices, as well as helpful insights for discovering opportunities that can help improve your current documentation processes.

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