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Lori Shifferd By Lori Shifferd 
Implementation Director, McKesson

Clinical Management Software ImplementationOver the past couple of months, we’ve covered several topics related to transitioning to a new clinical management system. We talked about establishing a transition team, creating a communication plan and establishing baseline measures, among others.

Today’s post focuses on the end of the process, which includes reinforcing new procedures and getting feedback from your team. Experience has shown us that one of the most effective ways to get a team to follow best-practice workflows is to make time at team meetings to emphasize the new processes. It’s important to have team members share what is working well and point out areas where they need more help.

During the first two weeks following system activation, we recommend daily meetings in each department to review what occurred the previous day. In some instances, a super user may be able to solve the problem. Other issues will require involvement from process experts or IT.

Once the clinical management system has been rolled out to your entire agency and training has taken place, you’ll want to solicit employee feedback company-wide and address any outstanding implementation issues.

This is also the time to measure the performance of your team by capturing productivity and quality metrics. You’ll also want to set up some type of ongoing monitoring to ensure that the new procedures and process improvements are adhered to going forward.

Not surprisingly, the technology focus at the end of the process is on maintaining the system. That includes responding to assistance calls from agency staff, ongoing support of the communication systems and maintaining procedures with regard to software.

Of course, the final software implementation phase, like all the others, should include a heavy emphasis on keeping all channels of communication wide open!

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