New E-book Helps Guide Agency Software Purchase

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Karen Utterback By Karen Utterback 
Vice President, Strategy, McKesson
New E-book Helps Guide Agency Software Purchase

It’s no secret that you didn’t get into the home care business to comply with regulations, manage schedules and keep close watch on your agency’s bottom line.

Like me, you got into this business to help the most vulnerable among us. And it’s certainly a noble cause, helping people to age in place, manage their chronic conditions and recover from stays in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

I believe that readers who are using McKesson Homecare™ and McKesson Hospice™ already have a solution that lets the agency focus squarely on patient care and new care initiatives, rather than documentation and billing.

But for the rest of you, I’m excited to offer our newest e-book, “Considerations for Choosing a Home Care Software Solution.” The e-book has been compiled from more than a dozen posts from this blog and is designed to get you and your management team thinking about the software you use to manage the clinical and operational sides of your agency.

The e-book is divided into three broad areas:

  • Home care automation should help you meet your financial and clinical goals
  • Home care automation should help you meet your regulatory requirements
  • Planning well ensures a successful implementation

A comprehensive software solution shouldn’t hinder the way your back-office staff and clinicians do their work by making them conform to the software. Instead, it should help everyone do their jobs, from intake to discharge and from QA to billing. The key to care planning and timely reimbursement both come from the ability to complete the necessary documentation as quickly and completely as possible. Everything in a care episode flows from that simple premise.

At the same time, software should help you stay current with regulatory requirements and anticipate future needs. HIPPS codes. HHCAHPS. ICD-10. OASIS. There seem to be more acronyms every day, and it’s difficult for you, your executives, billers and clinicians to keep up with all of the current and upcoming changes. Your agency software should do that for you.

Finally, the best software solution will go unused if it’s not implemented properly. On the one hand, I’m referring to the IT consideration, but I’m mainly talking about the personnel issues involved in any change. Let’s face it, change is difficult, and not everyone will embrace it at first. Your software provider must have the ability to help you with the “people” part of the implementation, helping you build consensus and get the necessary buy-in from staff.

Above all, your agency and clinical management software should help you focus on what you do best – care for patients.

Download our e-book, “Considerations for Choosing a Home Care Software Solution,” to learn more about choosing the clinical management software that’s right for you.

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