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In today’s changing healthcare environment, home health organizations are working diligently to comply with more complex regulations, while also controlling costs, improving efficiency, and providing patients with the quality care they deserve.

Our home health news section provides your organization with insights on the latest industry news and trends, highlights opportunities for better care and operational efficiency, and helps you keep pace with the demands and increasing complexities of the regulatory environment.

From ACOs and value-based care models to patient engagement, our home health news posts feature industry experts and thought leaders, as well as perspectives from professionals with experience working in home health organizations and executives. Explore the posts below to discover the latest in home health news. If you have something to add to the conversation, please share your thoughts in the comments section of any post.

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Home Health News & Trends

Changing reimbursement models and regulations, increased demand for hospice and home health services, and new technologies are hot topics in the home care world. Staying up to date on the latest home health and hospice news and trends will help your organization navigate the changing industry landscape and identify new opportunities for improvement and growth.

Here you’ll find a variety of helpful posts with details on new studies, programs and certifications, as well as the latest information on new or changing regulations, technology trends and more.

Improving Patient Outcomes

All home care organizations strive to provide the highest quality care to not only improve patient outcomes, but also their patients’ quality of life. As a result, value-based care models are emerging as an attractive option for ensuring that quality of care, while also controlling costs and driving toward business objectives.

In this section, you’ll learn more about value-based care, as well as discover tips and tools for improving the patient experience and enhancing engagement.

Improving Agency Outcomes 

The growing senior population and their desire to age in place, as well as an increased awareness of the numerous benefits of hospice and other home health care services, present home care organizations with opportunities to grow their business. But in order to realize that growth, organizations must be able to control costs, mitigate losses and refine operational processes, all while providing excellent care.

Here you’ll find information that can help you manage the daily operations of your organization, including tips for utilizing technology systems and tools to help streamline operations and ensure patients are receiving the right care.

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