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McKesson Homecare Talk offers thought leadership and insights within the home health and hospice industry. In this home health resources center, you will find white papers and e-books on financial and operational opportunities in the home care regulatory environment. In various home health resources, industry thought leaders from McKesson offer their expertise on improving healthcare quality, using evidence-based clinical practices, choosing home care software solutions and more. Explore the latest industry trends and opportunities in the white papers and e-books provided below.

Home Care Resources


Provide Care to More Hospice Patients

Opportunities are emerging for hospice organizations to extend the reach of their services to more patients. Download this e-book to learn how hospice organizations can demonstrate competence to partners, enhance business efficiency, and prepare for success.


Considerations for Choosing a Home Care Software Solution

With these tips for choosing and implementing a home care software solution, you will discover how to meet your clinical and financial goals, meet regulatory requirements and provide a greater return on investment.


Creating Opportunities in Today’s Homecare Regulatory  Environment

This e-book explains how your home health agency can stay current with the demands of the U.S. homecare regulatory environment by staying compliant with regulatory bodies, documenting patient-centric care and more.


Achieving True Clinical Management within Home Health

Learn how to talk to your employees about clinical management, implement evidence-based best practices, and enable proper clinical management technologies in this e-book.


Interoperability, HIEs and the Future of Homecare

In this e-book, you will learn why care coordination and data integration are the cornerstones to providing quality healthcare in three ways: improving organizational performance, playing a vital role in collaborative care models and achieving clinical interoperability.


Case Studies

Why Gold Coast Began the ICD-10 Journey Early

Download this case study to learn how Gold Coast Home Health & Hospice minimized productivity loss during the ICD-10 transition, and how your organization can do the same.


White Papers

CMS’s Data Gathering Informs 2016 Hospice Final Rule

Is your hospice organization ready for the changes contained in the 2016 Hospice Final Rule? Download our timely white paper to learn about the reimbursement, regulatory and quality reporting changes effective January 1, 2016.


Home Care Executives Report Declining Reimbursements as Greatest Challenge
declining reimbursements

In the current healthcare environment, home health and hospice organizations face enormous challenges. This whitepaper discusses the results of McKesson’s 2014 Organization Opportunities and Challenges Executive Survey and shows how home care organizations are responding to healthcare reform.


Helping Improve Healthcare Quality with Clinical Decision Support
clinical-decision support-wp

In this white paper, you will learn how clinical decision support improves healthcare quality by providing clinicians, staff, patients or other individuals with knowledge and patient-specific information.


The Role of Evidence-based Clinical Practice in Emerging Care Models of Homecare
mckesson homecare

If you want to learn more about evidence-based practices, this white paper will show you how they are transforming home health regulations, reducing errors and streamlining the QA process for home care agencies.


How Long-term and Post-acute Care Organizations Can Position Themselves to Achieve Success
post acute success

This white paper provides an overview of how information technology can address healthcare’s four critical success factors: maximizing technology value, optimizing performance and quality, coordinating evidence-based care and navigating evolving payment models.


Understanding the Financial and Process Benefits of Document Management Within a Homecare Agency
financial process management

Recent technology gives homecare and hospice providers many financial and process opportunities. Learn how document management solutions can help eliminate your agency’s reliance on paper-based files and cut expenses without negatively affecting patient care.


A McKesson Perspective: ICD-10-CM/PCS
McKesson perspective

In 2013, the United States mandated the use of ICD-10 code sets for diagnoses and procedures. Discover how ICD-10’s impact is disruptive in the short term, but positive over the long term for healthcare organizations.


Automating Documentation Helps Hospice Agencies Withstand Greater Scrutiny
McKesson perspective

The importance of proper documentation to the continued success of hospice agencies cannot be ignored. Learn why an automated agency management system that improves hospice documentation efforts should form the backbone of the care experience.



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  1. Therapy Downcoding: When the RAP HPPS and the Final HPPS do not match, we have been transmitting, getting a RTP, resending the RAP to match the Final HPPS. Have the regs changed that we should be correcting this before transmitting, getting an RTP, then correcting? Also, does McKesson have a way of “flagging” these claims so that we could have them on “hold” until we make the correction to the RAP before the final claim is sent?

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