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To Thrive, Home Care Agencies Must Understand the Needs of Hospitals

Leaders of home health and hospice agencies certainly understand the important role they play in the continuum of care. But they also must be able to articulate that role to care and referral partners, offering fresh alternatives to help partners … Continue Reading

New E-book Shows Value of Interoperability, HIEs

I firmly believe that the home health industry is well-positioned overall to handle the new care and reimbursement models being piloted or considered for use in the United States. Your clinicians, therapists and aides are out there every day positively … Continue Reading

Lead the Way on Use of Mobile Devices

In all aspects of business, there are leaders, followers and laggards. So when it comes to mobile computing, are you on the cutting edge, or are you behind the curve? Even if your home health agency hasn’t embraced the power … Continue Reading

Small Changes Can Make Big Differences

Is your agency doing everything it can to become clinically and operationally aligned? If not, the time is now to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction as unprecedented changes shake up the industry. Reimbursements are going down … Continue Reading