Guide to Home Health and Hospice Resources

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By Rhonda Perrin Oakes, RN, CHPN, Regulatory Analyst, Change Healthcare and Crystal Tyson, Business Analyst, Change Healthcare
Guide to Home Health and Hospice Resources

Keeping up with the notifications, regulatory changes, pilots, news initiatives and other news can be tedious, time-consuming—and essential to your home care organization. We certainly keep our clients engaged on important issues that likely will affect their operations, but one organization could think an issue is trivial while another would find the same information compelling.

We recommend that you understand who is responsible for keeping up with various news streams within your organization. The clinical manager could track medical issues, the billing manager payment issues and the CEO regulatory issues, but the exact distribution of labor depends on your org chart.

Here is the overall view. You should:

  • Know what resources to check
  • Know when to check resources
  • Know where resources are located
  • Know who owns checking the resources

While the resources below are not comprehensive, they provide a good overview from regulatory and billing standpoints. You can supplement your reading with newsfeeds from industry-specific publications and general news sites. The key is to develop a habit of tracking issues that will likely impact your home care organization.

CMS Innovation Center

In the search box, type in home health or hospice, then click on the “more search options” arrow. A box pops up where you can narrow your search by category, stage of adoption, state or CMS region (or some combination).

CASPER Reporting Hospice Provider User’s Guide

The Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (CASPER) System generates Hospice Final Validation reports where no errors have been returned. Reports are not generated in instances where significant errors have occurred, so simply request a Hospice Submitter Final Validation Report to see those files and make corrections.

Hospice Quality Reporting

Hospice Compare is scheduled to start this summer, but you can stay on top of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program by following the link and subscribing to the two listservs and the weekly MLN Connects Provider eNews.

CASPER Reporting HHA Provider User’s Guide

The Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (CASPER) System for home health shows various report categories that you can explore and drill down. Be aware that some reports are restricted to certain users or groups. Select a report category, then a report. A box will pop up to let you customize the report parameters before submitting the report request.

Home Health Compare Data Sets

You can see how your organization stacks up against other Medicare-certified home health organizations in the country in terms of care quality. Information is updated quarterly, so be sure to check the site at least that often.

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Moratorium

The database is updated quarterly, and we suggest checking it the third weeks of January, April, July and October for the latest information. Moratoria could restrict your organization’s ability to expand, provide new growth opportunities or both, depending on the services you provide and your service area.


Take advantage of the information coming from organizations you belong to and from your CMS service center. However, subscribe only to listservs that provide valuable information to your organization. Evaluate your news stream periodically to make sure the information you receive is meeting your needs. If you’re focusing on particular areas, for example, you may want to concentrate your news feed in those areas. Conversely, you may want to drop listservs about projects you have completed.

CMS Regional Offices

You belong to one of 10 CMS regional offices, which should be your first point of contact for questions or issues regarding Medicare, Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The only caveat is proposed rulemaking. Those questions or concerns should be addressed using the outlined comment procedure during the comment window.

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